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Sugar-Loaded Drinks By The Numbers:

  • 22 packs**: Amount of sugar in the average 20-oz. bottle of soda, which also contains 240 calories.
  • 16.2 ounces: Average serving size of a soda sold in the U.S. today - more than double the 1950s average of 6.5 oz.
  • 60 percent: Increase in a child's risk for obesity with every additional daily serving of soda.
  • 45 gallons: Amount of soda the average American drinks annually - that's 35 pounds of sugar!
  • $500 million: Amount marketers spend a year to reach children and adolescents with messages about sugar-loaded drinks, more than they spend on any other category.
  • $21 billion: Annual cost associated with overweight and obesity in California.
  • $6 billion: Annual cost of health care and lost productivity in LA County resulting from overweight and obesity.

**Based on an average of 3 grams of sugar per pack.

To learn more about the health effects of sugar-loaded drinks and to find ideas for healthy alternatives, visit the sugar-loaded drinks page.

The number of sugar packs in the drinks shown in these images is based on an average of 3 grams of sugar per pack.
The drink sizes shown are a 20-oz. soda, a 20-oz. sports drink and a 16-oz. energy drink.

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